A different approach to minimalism.

Minimalism does not have to come from a place of lack. Create your own version of minimalism from a place of abundance. Live with what you love. Enjoy life to the fullest.

We Love...

colorful minimalism. Colorful vegetables. Colorful Homes. Distant Lands. Diverse faces. Dormant languages (Yes, really).


We believe...

STYLE IS A DAILY EXPRESSION OF SELF. Quality beats Quantity. You are already enough. You already have enough.


We are committed to...

living our values. Loving freely. Everyday adventures. creating destinies. Taking care of our planet and its people.

We are making some changes around here.

Your wardrobe is just one piece of the puzzle. We are moving forward with a more holistic approach to align your life with your values. Get ready!


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Your closet holds the key to your wardrobe workhorses.

learn how to uncover the capsule wardrobe hiding in your closet.


This is where it all starts.

These simple pieces are the foundation of a wardrobe that works for you, not against you. 

Customize this list to meet your needs. 

If white isn't your thing, select another lighter neutral that you love. Not a leather pants person? (TBH, may people aren't!) Look for a pant that has a special quality and can be easily dressed up. 

Buy the best you can afford.

Although t-shirts and tanks may not last more than a year, well-made pieces should last much longer if you take care of them. The other pieces in this list should be the best quality you can afford so they will last you for quite a few years, if not a lifetime. 

Consider your coloring.

All colors come in cool and warm tones. Keep your own coloring in mind when shopping and seek out pieces that complement your skin, your eyes, and your hair. 

Not all fabrics are alike.

Your t-shirts don't all have to be cotton. In fact, choosing a linen, silk, or tencel t-shirt instantly increases its flexibility. A cotton tee may not be appropriate in your office, but a silk or silk-blend may work incredibly well. Consider your lifestyle when choosing fabrics. 

Grocery shopping a chore? Cooking a hassle? 

It's time to think about your food differently. 

I know what you're thinking. What does this have to do with fashion? Well, meal recipes are similar to outfit recipes. You can use the same ingredients in a variety of ways to create entirely different results! Let's take a break from style and turn to our tastebuds.

It doesn't matter whether you eat Vegan, Paleo, or restriction-free. The process of meal planning, shopping, and cooking can be easy, delicious and healthy. Instead of cooking to adhere to recipes, cook to create your own using simple rules and flavor combinations. 

sweet + salty + sour + bitter + umami, maybe with a little spice

Keep these words in your head when you cook and you will be amazed at what you can create. We'll be diving into how these tastes work together to balance your meals and entice your palate. We'll also begin to think about ingredients as belonging to different capsules based on flavors, textures, seasons, and more. 

What will all of this mean for you?

By thinking about your meals in different ways, you'll save time and money. You'll learn how to use leftovers in new and delicious ways. You will conquer the grocery store, shopping efficiently to minimize waste. Oh, and your refrigerator and pantry will be organized and beautiful. 

A creative cooking assignment:

Pick your favorite vegetable or fruit that's in season now. Let's start with tomatoes. Head over to Pinterest and search for "tomato recipes". Pick out your ten favorites. As you can see from the board below, tomatoes can be used in so many delicious ways. Most of these recipes only need a few other ingredients to make a complete and tasty dish.

From fresh sauces to salads to soups, you can start with a simple tomato and throw something together in minutes. One of the reasons tomatoes are so amazing is that they hit on three tastes: sweet, sour, and umami. Sprinkle on some grated parmigiano-reggiano and lemon zest and bake for a complex, delicious dinner side. Or, mix into a simple salad or top a pasta. Vegan? Swap in chopped olives for the cheese. Paleo? Use zucchini or cucumber noodles for a raw or cooked "pasta" dish. See how easy this is? 

Assignment #2: try this same method with clothes!

Pick one specific item and search for it in Pinterest. What do you find? Make note of all the different ways you can wear this piece. Are there common threads between the outfits you love?

A simple grocery framework:

If there is one thing you can do to minimize waste and save money, simplifying your grocery list is it. This easy framework details the maximum variety you need for one week of groceries.